God Is Just A Bad Designer

Richard Dawkins has just written a new book which in the UK is entitled: “The Greatest Show On Earth” while in the United States its title is: “The Creation Lie: Why Darwin Is Right.” He wrote the book to tear to pieces those on this planet who believe God or some supernatural force created the Earth about 7,000 odd years ago. Dawkins regards Creationists as offering a “lazy and unhelpful explanation as well as an untrue one.” But, why did humanity develop this concept of God is certainly a valid question. He argues that humans have several dispositions which lead them to certain forms of thinking. When frightened we turn to some form of paternal figure to help us through such dark and fearful times. We all fear death so in order to deal with this unknown that can never be personally witnessed unless we die it to invent a place called Heaven.

I sympathize with Dawkins about humans and their propensity to seek comfort when confronting the ultimate unanswered issue–what happens after Death? Religions have emerged which construct an edifice of hope–provided that one obeys dictates of the religion and we can never know if the building is based on a strong foundation until –Death.

The old expression that when a child I thought like a child, when a man I put aside childish thoughts. I guess a valid question is whether we should think as a child or should we think as an adult?

Anyway, my approach is to doubt. If I die and awake before the pearly gates of Heaven, I will inform St. Peter that I was wrong and since he is a good Christian then he will have to accept my apology and let me through the gates of Heaven.