God Is On Side Of Assad

These days it is very difficult ascertaining exactly on whose side God is on given the proclivity of politicians to insist he or she is the chosen one of the Big Guy up in the sky. President Bashar al-Assad made clear to the people of Syria and to the world that he would not bend a single inch in the struggle to overcome “foreign conspirators” who are tearing his nation to pieces. “The external conspiracy is clear to everybody. Nobody can be fooled anymore.”

The five thousand dead Syrians who took to the streets in order to create a more democratic society were simply tools of these foreign groups. The good news for Syrian admirers of Asssad is that “God willing, we will be victorious.” Someday, someone will explain to me why God gets involved in  these conflicts between competing groups in society. Given the number of Republicans seeking the presidency who insist God is on their side, how much time in the day does God have to deal with real issues?