God Is Watching Iranians

After hurried conversations with God Himself the Iranian government has issued new edicts. It appears that God does not want people to be flying in the sky during prayer time. The Iranian Parliament has issued a new decree making illegal having a plane flying up in the sky during prayer time, particularly during morning prayers. The government intends to forbid anything flying in the sky while people are at prayer and will make certain that women working at airports are really covered up.

After my own discussions with a variety of birds, I have encountered great concern among the bluebirds and hawks about not being able to fly during morning hours or during prayer time. Frankly, they are quite confused as to when humans pray and this may result in their own flying during hours that God ordered this ban. Frankly, birds are upset that God did not inform them of his anti-flying attitude. They want to know how come he created them to fly and now says,no flying!