God Or State-Who Rules In Israel?

There are too many religious fanatics in the world who insist that religious doctrine must over rule that of any government directive. The issue of settlements in the West Bank is interpreted by some Jewish religious leaders as one entailing religious doctrine. The Israel government and the Israel Defense Force(IDF) believe who should establish settlements in the West Bank is a political one which must be resolved by the government. Rabbi Eliezer Melamed sent a letter to students who were in the IDF making clear that a soldier must refuse to obey an order which required them to evacuate settlers from the West Bank. This led the IDF to cut ties with the rabbi.

Informing members of the IDF that orders should be disobeyed is simply not kosher when orders refer to military actions. The attempt to claim that the West Bank is sacred Jewish land is false. The Israel government in 1948 accepted the West Bank would NOT be part of Israel and the current government must adhere to that decision.