God Speaks In Arabic?

Since the dawn of we humans there have been humans who have direct connections to the Big Guy up in the sky. For some reason, the man with a long white beard appears to favor some, over other humans. A new group in Syria made clear that, after consulting with God is ready to fix up Syria and create a government of the clerics, for the clerics and by the clerics. Of course, when they use the word, “cleric” it refers to someone of the Muslim faith. After extensive discussions around Heaven, only the dead are allowed to enter, a group of leaders from the Islamic Front are ready to establish a new Muslim style government. Since Parliaments and democracies allow anyone to run for public office or to serve in one, the new Islamic Front will derive its just powers from an Islamic council rather than from any sovereign or secualr authority such as “the people.”

Of course, the Islamic Front pledged to listen to the voices of those not Muslim. Beyond listen, it is unclear as to what is the purpose of non-Muslims speaking or making suggestions. After all, if one has God on his side, who else counts?