God Told Me To Bomb And Kill!

Pfc Naser Jason Abdo is a member of the US armed forces who  decided to blow up a restaurant in Ft. Hood in order to express to the world his anger at what Americans have done in Afghanistan and Iraq. He told his mother that his actions were not derived from a sense of anger or hate, but “the reason is religion. There is no other reason.” He apparently did not like what Americans did in Afghanistan.

This army private will never win awards for intelligence. He entered a store to purchase six pounds of smokeless powder, a shot gun which he apparently had no idea of how to use and, we assume, thought his actions would not be reported to the police. They were and he was arrested.

I find interesting that his religion apparently did not get him thinking how the Taliban deprived females of education, blinded girls with acid or allowed men to beat the hell out of their Muslim wives. Each day the Taliban kill innocent fellow Muslims, but this is of no concern to Abdo. I guess burning the Korans was the last straw.