God Tunes Out Michele Bachmann

Michele Bachmann has made clear that she  conducts ongoing discussions with God concerning the state of America and the world. In fact, she even sought the assistance of the Big Guy up in the sky because her poll numbers are slipping. She currently has a 4% status in those expressing their views on who should be the Republican nominee for president. We have heard an unconfirmed report from God that he looks forward with expectation to the departure of Ms. Bachmann from the fray because He is tired of those late night phone calls and her rambling discussions which make no sense.

The entire Bachmann staff resigned in New Hampshire complaining of her inept approach to campaigning. Some say she has a dictatorial style of leadership and regards any suggestions that she might be wrong as simply an expression of disloyalty.

In case while out walking in the coming days if you hear a loud sound of “thank God” it is simply God expressing his pleasure at not receiving another one of those rambling comments about nothing.