God Votes No On Same Sex Laws

Vincent Nichols Archbishop of Westminster in England is rather upset that some Christians in his fair land oppose same sex marriage. He is convinced that God created the world and God wanted all living creatures not to have sex with someone of the same sex. God loves all humans, but he does not like those who practice same sex relations. I am confused, if God is OUR  Creator then why doesn’t He like all of us? I wonder about a God who considers some humans to be his children, but doesn’t approve of other humans to be His children. That doesn’t come across as very loving to ALL humanity.

Nichols is very, very upset this Christmas at plans of the UK government to put forth a same-sex law that allows marriage. He wonders where Prime Minister David Cameron ever got such an idea. I gather the idea was simply to carry out the concept of equality of all humans, isn’t that what Christmas is about??