Godfather Or Godmother?

I used to work in an area known for its Italian gangs and so every day the guys would be standing in front of a bar exchanging words and talk about their manly deeds of bravery. For me, to be part of the Mafia was to be with men who  prided themselves on being “men.” A gay man in Sicily who has been threatened by the Mafia to depart from the political scene just will not go away. Rosario Crocetta is in line to become the first gay governor of Sicily, home of the Mafia.

If he gains the post of Governor, it will be the first time that an anti-Mafia candidate was able to win something. Mr.Crocetta is a devoted Catholic and is proud that fellow Sicilians are proving “there is a great respect for the individual, making it(Sicily) less homophobic than the north.”

I would love to hear conversations by Mafia bosses. I have a  hunch they will not be gay ones.