God’s Chosen Son

Personally, I long since have abandoned belonging to any religious institution because all too many devote their efforts to convincing followers that there is a RIGHT way to behave or a “RIGHT way to think. So many assure me they have a direct line to the Guy up in the Sky. For some reason, when I dial to get Him, there is either a busy signal or just dead silence. Pat Robertson is a man of God, or at least his interpretation of what God thinks, so when he discusses the Big Guy up in the Sky I do listen to his words of wisdom. After all, what can I do when someone makes clear they CAN get through to God Almighty, unlike the sinner that I am.

Pat informed members of his 700 Club that after conferring with the Big Guy up in the sky and his son who once wandered the fields of this Earth, the minister of God is quite clear on the question of gays and lesbians. Pat informed those who believe in Jesus Christ that if Jesus had encountered gays, this is one man of God, who would not have baked them a wedding cake nor would he have made them a bed to sleep in.” Sounds just like the Jesus we all know.

However, I hate to inform Pat that we Jews in those olden days did not have wedding cakes.