God’s Will Is Death By Starvation

Ria Ramkissoon came to America from Trinidad in search of a better life in Baltimore. She had a son and one day while the one year old was at the dinner table he forgot or for some reason did not say “Amen” at conclusion of the meal prayer. An older woman living with Ria told the mother her son was possessed with an evil spirit and must die. The mother refused to give the boy food or drink for a week and the child finally wasted away into death despite a last minute effort to give him some food. Ms. Ramkissoon and several people knelt to pray for the dead boy and danced and talked to the dead body under the assumption he would rise from the dead. Eventually, his body was placed in a suitcase and later on buried somewhere.

Ria is part of a clique led by Queen Antoinette which has its own views of God and she does not regard her action as other than normal. “I still believe my son is coming back. I have no problem saying what really happened because I believe he is coming back.” When told her comments sound crazy, she admitted, “I don’t have a problem sounding crazy in court.”

Yes, she is a nut and she is crazy. The real problem is people just like her haunt the stage of Tea Party gatherings and say things just as crazy and Fox News heralds them as the essence of what is an American. Perhaps, we have to redefine the meaning of “crazy.”