“God’s Will”

Mrs. Phyllis Ferguson endured the tragedy of having her son murdered by a fellow student at Chardon High School in Ohio. Mr. T.J. Lane walked up to a group of students who were talking in the  school cafeteria, took out a gun and began firing. He did not target any specific individual, the killing was a random act. If you happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, you died or were wounded.

Mrs. Ferguson termed the death of her son as an example of “God’s Will.” She forgave Mr. Lane and said it was time to go on with life. I find admirable her  willingness to forgive the boy who killed her boy. However, what does God have to do with this? Why would ANY God be a partner in the murder of a human being? Her comment makes no sense. If humans desire to murder one another, it is their desire, not HIS.