Going From Hot To Cold Is Dangerous

In the aftermath of his presidential victory, Barack Obama gave signs he would not support Bush policies of constructing anti-missile defense systems in eastern Europe which were considered by Russia to be offensive to their security. However, the man who turned against renewing the Cold War has resumed working with east European nations on building defense systems. Of course, Obama now mouths the ridiculous Bush argument these defense systems are needed to prevent rogue states like Iran or North Korea to send missiles into Europe. Huh? If Europe IS facing a missile threat, then why doesn’t the European Union take action? Why should America? Russian President Medvedev made a speech which reflected concerns about these missile systems. He warned this provocation would result in “talking about developing the offensive potential of our nuclear capabilities” rather than focusing on peace and disarmament. He warned this would be a “very bad scenario. It would be a scenario that throws us back into the Cold War era.”

Russian leaders increasingly are concerned about US action in the Middle East, particularly policies dealing with Syria and Libya. Yes, Barack Obama “killed Osama bin Laden,” but Osama was a symptom, not the cause of unrest in the Middle East. The US should be working in tandem with Russia and the European Union. However, constructing missile systems that face Russia is hardly the way to win friends and influence people.