Donniel Hartman, writing in the Israeli newspaper, Haaretz, points out the historic Jewish tendency to gaze inward to the group enabled Jewish people to survive centuries of terror, persecution and death, but today what enabled survival has now become a policy leading to rejection by the world. Of course, for many Israel citizens if their nation is opposed it is simply proof the world “hates Jews” and seeks the “destruction of the Jewish state.” Of course, when everybody is regarded as “the enemy,” and when criticism of government policies is interpreted as an act of violence, the end result will be loss of friends. In a sense, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu pursues policies which are opposed by most EU leaders and by President Obama. Thus, he concludes, since Israelis are always right, if someone disagrees it simply means they hate Jews and want an end to the Jewish state.

Ironically, over the past few months, actions by governments in Greece, Turkey and France have helped to avoid another flotilla, but to Israeli leaders when the outside world assists Israel, there must be a trick since the world hates Jews. The Founding fathers and mothers of Israel dreamed their new nation would be a bridge to Arab societies over which ideas about democracy arrive. Unfortunately, today, Israel pursues policies which violate human rights and threaten the democratic basis of the nation.