Going To Olympics? Then, Read This!

The Chinese government wants to make clear that any terrorist who plans to attend the Olympic Games is not welcome in China. Foreigners are being provided a special guide which is available online. It makes clear, “foreigners must repsect Chinese laws while in
China and must not harm China’s national security or damge the social order.” For those speaking English, this means don’t you dare make any negative comments about the Chinese government and always praise everything about China. I assume all you foreigners headed for China understand you can’t carry weapons in your bags or any explosives or fireworks, the only firing will be done by Chinese authorities.

There is a special note of apology from Chinese authorities “to the organizations, athletes with disabilities and friends who were offended by our publication.” A 57 question and answer guide is provided to ensure everyone knows who is in charge when people are in China.

I have one question which may or may not be covered in the 57 questions and answers. My question is: Must terrorists register with the Chinese government? Is there a special punishment for terrorists who fail to register? Oh, I have one more question: Can I use the word “Tibet” at any time during my stay in China?