Golden Dawn A Nightmare

Greece has been confronted with the horror of poverty for several years and its people are confronting terrible poverty. The most certain way to develop anger, hate and murder is to transform a society which enjoyed a fairly prosperous life the life of poverty. From the ashes ofa devastated society has emerged the dark forces of hate. In Greece it goes by the name of Golden Dawn and it holds as its model for the good life, the ideas of Mr.Adolf HItler. For members of Golden Dawn there are “real Greeks” and there are “immigrant pseudo Greeks.” Naturaly, the good Greeks are the ones who have been denied the good life by the pseudos. I assume these pseudos somehow gained control of Greek banks and businesses which allowed them to collapse the economy.

Each day Golden Dawn folk wander the streets of Athens seeking pseudo folk to harras and beat up Singer Pavlos Fyssas sang songs of love and peace with people. A member of the Golden Dawn then murdered this gentle voice of peace and tolerance. A new group now fills the streets of Athens angry and confused.