Golden Dawn Black Day For Greece

It is nearly seventy years since men dressed in black shirts marched through the streets of Greece shoving their right hands into the air and shouting hatred toward those who were “inferior.” It it nearly seventy years since words of hate were heard in Athens, that ancient capital of freedom and democracy. Today, the black shirted thugs call themselves, members of Golden Dawn. Then, they called themselves Nazis and were proud to boast of their hatred of “foreigners.” Today, the relic of poverty is hatred of those who are poor or who have come to Greece from an African or Muslim land. Golden Dawn thugs wielded crow bars as they went about beating members of leftist groups–in the name of Greece. The people of Greece are enduring hard times due to an economic collapse. Whenever an economy collapses so does compassion for the poor and those lacking power in society.

Walk the streets of the United States of America and those with a Golden Dawn mentality will be presence. We fear the mystery of why poverty emerges in a society. It allows hatred to dwell in our minds as fear assumes power. Hitler lives again in Greece.