Goldstone No Longer Golden Boy

Richard Goldstone was a former judge in South Africa and a fighter for the end of apartheid in his nation. He risked his life and reputation by fighting for the rights of black skinned South Africans. A few years ago, he was asked to investigate the Israel invasion of Gaza(Israel Defense Forces) and offer an honest report on what happened since Gazans claimed the IDF had deliberately killed hundreds of innocent civilians. The IDF refused to cooperate with him on this UN effort. Thus, he could only directly gather information from Muslim sources. After the IDF carried out an internal investigation, Goldstone was able to gain access to a more extended version of the invasion. He checked Israel sources very carefully and concluded there were several errors in his report. Goldstone did what few politicians ever do–he issued an apology for the errors in his report. HE DID NOT SAY THE ENTIRE REPORT WAS FALSE!

He has now come under attack on charges that his admitting of errors is due to pressure that was placed on him. University of Johannesburg professor Steven Friedman charges the admission of errors “arguments are laughable, I should imagine that the pressure on him(from the Jewish community) became untenable.” He went on to charge, “One assumes that Goldstone is doing this because of intense bullying.”

It is difficult to imagine that a noted Constitutional lawyer who risked his life under apartheid is now afraid of the Jewish community in South Africa. The charges of Friedman are laughable.