Goldstone Report Helps Israel Image!

The report by Justice Robert Goldstone on the tragic events that occurred during Israel’s invasion of Gaza has become a blessing in disguise to the people of Israel. After subjecting Goldstone to blistering criticism many people are finally realizing the best way for Israel to confront charges of violating human rights is to conduct its own investigation into such allegations and punish anyone who disregarded rights during the invasion. Gideon Levy notes in Haaretz, “Goldstone held up a mirror to us, we tried to smash it as is our won’t, but this time as opposed to earlier reports, it did not work.” Instead various agencies in Israel government are moving into action to conduct an investigation into what was raised in the Goldstone report.

Levy hopes an Israel study of its own mistakes is the best way to meet charges of brutality. “Thanks to Goldstone, people in Israel will think twice and perhaps even three times before they bring down another barrage of cast lead on a helpless civilian population…. Thanks to him, Israel may change its belligerent ways and look at them in the future through the prism of international law and the personal cost involved in breaking it.” Amen!

  • k

    Gideon Levy speaks for no one but himself. The Goldstone report is full of lies and it is shameful for anyone to agree with those accusations.

  • Fred Stopsky

    Your comment contains generalities. Perhaps, you can furnish specific evidence to disprove his report.