Good Bye Iraq, Hello Afghanistan

President Barack Obama promised the American people he would bring soldiers back from Iraq by 2011, but, he did not make any mention as to what he meant by “back.” It now becomes clear the “back” did not mean the shores of the United States, but the mountains of Afghanistan. General Ray Odierno in Iraq says, “we really plan on doing is 12,500 (troops) a month, and that should see us through.” There are about 110,000 troops currently in Iraq which means that most will be gone by the end of the year. Hopefully, the government of Iraq should be able to handle security by December, 2010.

But, there is no mention of where the 12,500 troops who leave each month are destined. If they wind up in Afghanistan, it simply means instead of fighting in deserts they will be climbing mountains to get at the enemy. I just don’t think the American people thought getting fighting men and women out of Iraq meant they would wind up in Afghanistan.