Good Economic News

The US government released latest economic figures and things are getting better and brighter for Americans. Over 288,000 new jobs were added in June, and May figures were readjusted from 282,000 new jobs to 304,000 new ones. Unemployment has dropped to 6.1% and, theoretically at least, the economy is headed in the right direction. Of course, there is still the long term unemployed who number about 7.5 million and millions of part time workers who would love to have a full time job. We have come a long way from the mess left by former President Bush, but, for some reason, most Americans still do not agree things are brighter. This must be the first time in our history that when the economy improves and people are getting work, that Americans do not believe their lives are getting better!

How come? Sorry, my broken record of complaint about President Obama and his failure to communicate with the American people. How about a press conference today in which Obama can boast and praise himself? This man drives me crazy with his ineptness in getting across the message that things are getting better in this nation! Just imagine, during the Obama administration unemployment fell from 11% to 6.1%! At the current rate nearly three million new jobs will be created. And, few Americans know what he did!!