Good Luck To Good Luck!

During the past few days it has been my sad task of reporting on the tragedy of Nigeria. You know, that large nation on the west coast of Africa which has abundant oil to sell and gather billions of dollars for the wealthy few who benefit from such wealth. A few weeks ago, high school girls were abducted by the Islamic Boko Haram–western education is evil–and since that moment the number taken has daily shifted.

Initially,the Nigerian army claimed 129 were taken, then they insisted 34 had escaped, then they said 89 were taken, then it became 109, then 276 and now they throw around the figure of over 300 kidnapped. The good news is that President Goodluck Jonathan, two weeks after the girls were taken! finally decided to inform the nation that he was concerned. Reports filter out of the girls being given away as brides to these Muslim fanatics, but there are NO reports of the so called Nigerian army being able to identify where the Boko Haram are or what they are doing. The so called, “government of Nigeria” is a mystery wrapped in an enigma as to what the hell it is or what the heck it does.