Good News-Aussies Spy!

To be an American these days is to be daily confronted by stories and accusations of spying by my government upon leaders of other nations. We have become the poster boy for spies and, increasingly, people of the world when encountering an American check their cell phones and iPads for the spy in their technology. Thus, it is wonderful news that Australia is being charged by the government of Indonesia with the crime o phone tapping. Indonesian President Yudhoyono confirmed receiving a letter from the government of Austrailia concerning tapping of his phone. Just about all communication between Indonesia and Australia has ceased.

The good news is that we Americans are no longer alone in the world of spies. It is important to get all nations to cooperate in spying. If we all are spies then no one is a spy. How aout an international organization of spies. We could term it, SPIES UNITED FOR PEACE.