Good News For Bush-A European Leader Backs Him!

The vast majority of European leaders have been expressing negative feelings toward the Iraq war and the Bush administration, but Denmark’s prime minister expressed support for Bush policies and urged Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton to adhere to the wisdom of their beloved president. Prime Minister Anders Fogh Ramussen spoke out against the attitudes of Obama and Clinton during a visit to Washington D.C. He cautioned against their comments to pull out of Iraq. “These type of comments are what candidates say during an election campaign. But the reality is something which a new president will have to accept the rsponsibilities.” He defended both the US and Denmark participation in the conflict raging in Iraq. “It is the right and moral thing to do in sticking with the job.”

It is one thing for Denmark to send a thousand troops to Iraq, it is another thing for America to confront the reality nearly 4,000 of their sons and daughters have died in a war begun with lies, conducted with lies and incompetence, and lacking an overall plan for resolution. Americans support Danish rights to a free press regardless of whether it assists our military interests, we hope Denmark will support the right of Americans to achieve peace.