Good News For Lazy Children

There are children in their twenties or thirties who enjoy the good life of studying or wandering the world in search of some form of truth, but, ordinarily these individuals have to find ways to pay for their laziness. But, an Italian judge has ordered Giancarlo Gasagrande, age 60, to pay $550 a month and $20,000 in arrears to is daughter Marina after he decided she was old enough to support herself. The daughter is working on her thesis eight years after she was supposed to graduate. The figure was set as part of a divorce settlement in 1997. Mom supported her daughter’s fight to get paid. “It’s easy to say she is a bambocciona”(lazy child), said mom, “but it’s hard for children to find work today.”

As a 79 year old man, my question is whether my four children are responsible for my daily needs or does their time to pay dad expire once I am on Social Security? I assume Marina might as well take a crack at another doctorate.