Good News From Burma?

After decades of rule by brutal military leaders, the people of Burma(or Myanmar) see a glimmer of hope emerging from dark skies. One year to the day she was released from house arrest, Aung San Suu Kyi iss highly pleased with conversations of the new president, Thein Sein who has promised to allow free elections in the coming years.Thein Sein has legalized unions and relaxed strict censorship on the media. He has even freed a few hundred political prisoners from the horror of a Burmese jail.

Tidings of good news are accompanied by continued attacks by the Burmese army on ethnic groups and continued reports of rape of women by soldiers. Ms. Suu Kyi believes the president wants to achieve “real positive change.”

Questions remain as to whether other generals will allow this emerging freedom? The future will reveal whether his efforts were a beginning that was halted or whether Burma finally will become a democratic society.