Good News From Kyrgyzstan

The people of Kyrgyzstan have endured one petty dictator after another and each time one of these two bit pretenders at being a leader assumes office, he promises not to be like his predecessors. The”revolution” was spontaneous as men gathered in the capital as well as several cities to express disgust with corruption and incompetence, and as the day wore on they encountered the Minister of the Interior and some police. Most probably a voice shouted something that inflamed the crowd who set upon the Minister of Interior and beat him to death. Within a day protestors stormed presidential quarters even as President Bakiyev fled in a small plane.

Opposition leader, Temir Sariyev announced the arrival of a letter of resignation from the prime minister and told the nation, “power is in the hands of the people’s government.” Of course when the current government assumed office the same words were uttered. Oh well, there is always a first time.