Good News In Thailand-No Army Coup Planned!

The nation of Thailand has witnessed several efforts by its military over the years to exert its authority by overthrowing civiian governments. Army Chief Anupong Paochinda, assured the public on Saturday the army is not planning to tke over the government in the forseeable future. His comments came in response to those of Prime Minister Samak Sunaravej who warned there were conspirators planning to trigger unrest in the nation and use it as a pretext to take over the government. “Today some people hve not stopped. They are lobbying and meeting… They still believe that another coup is possible.”

There are several problems confronting Thailand, among them is the unrest in southern regions where a Muslim led insurgency has resulted in the deaths of at least 3,000. Hopefully, the army will focus on ways to handle the situation politically and economically rather than only relying on military force.