Good News-Sudan Upset At US For Darfur Comments

The government of the Sudan summoned the top Ameican diplomat in Khartoum in order to complain about what they alleged was interference in their nation’s internal affairs. They rejected US criticism of the appointment of Musa Hiial to a top government post. The American government regards Hilal as the chief coordinator of the infamous Janjaweed militia which has killed and raped its way across Darfur. US Charge D’Affairs, Alberto Fernandez, was told “these kind of comments are a flagrant intervention in domestic affiars” and the Sudan government has the right to appoint anyone it so desires.

The United States has rather tense relations with the thugs and murderers who presently are in charge of the government of the Sudan. They are responsible for the deaths of at least 200,000 people and the displacement of another 2.5 million due to actions by Mr. Hilal’s janjaweed criminal murderers. It is time for every nation to express its condemnation of the Sudan brutality and to impose severe economic sanctions about this roge government which believes it can kill without receiving any criticism.