Good Or Bad News??

Congresswoman Michele Bachmann has finally ended the dilemma as to whether or not she will run for Congress. She announced on her website that she will not run for re-election to Congress and  if nominated she will still refuse to run. Michele wants to make clear to the entire nation that if she did run, victory was assured and she has thousands of cartons of tea that would be guarantee her victory. I realize that liberals and Socialists and Muslim terrorists have been dealt a blow since this means Michele has time and energy to plot their demise.

My secret sources inform me that Congresswoman Bachmann realized that she had to widen the scope of  her knowledge and this would require time to read at least five books. Once she has read the five books not only does she get a gold star from her local library, but she will get a ticket to a movie of her choice. So, which is more important, the gold star or being in Congress? Given the ability of Congress to pass laws, I opt for the gold star.