Good Terrorists Kill Bad Guys

President George Bush committed the United States to wage war against terrorists in all parts of the world. US leaders have made clear their hatred of terrorists who work in darkness and kill the innocent because their ideology justifies death to those who oppose the truth. Last week in Tehran, two terrorists struck and killed innocent people. Two motorcycles wound their way through heavy Tehran traffic, one came to a Puegot 405 car, reached out and placed a bomb which soon exploded killing one man and wounding others. The other man also placed a bomb on a Puegot 405 car but was only able to wound the occupant. The man killed was Majid Shahriari, an important Iranian nuclear physicist and the wounded man was another nuclear scientist. Earlier this year an Iranian nuclear scientist was killed in Tehran and during the past few months, Iran’s nuclear program has been subject to computer attacks.

Of course, the killers were “our terrorists,” and the dead and wounded were the “bad guys.” When Bush promised a war against terrorism he meant a war against bad terrorists, not the good ones. Most probably, the Israel Mossad had something to do with these attacks, but they are on our side, the good side.