Goodbye Al-Shabaab

Western nations have grown accustomed to Muslim insurgents who fight and fight without ever ending their struggles. During the past decade al-Shabaab has presented itself as the only force opposing foreign influence in Somalia. Abdirahim Sheikh was a young man who became attracted to al-Shabaab and spent years fighting for their cause. Today, he is disillusioned and has abandoned his former colleagues in arms. “If someone who is praying in a mosque can be killed  then al-Shabaab are the infidels.”

Murder without reason eventually leads many to question why they are killing fellow Muslims. Thousands of Somalians finally began to fight back against senseless murders. They were fortunate to receive support from the African Union which sent thousands of troops to aid the government.

It now appears a military defeat is in sight for al-Shabaab. Finally, an insuring movement has been defeated. Note, there were no American troops in these battles, it was done by Africans for fellow Africans. A model??