Goodbye Cathie, Hello, Dennis!

Mayor Blomberg of New York City is a billionaire who is accustomed to making decisions as to who runs specific aspects of the company. He is the head man and like any head man knows the people who report to him do as he says or desires. 95 days ago he selected Cathie Black, a magazine publisher who has absolutely no experience or knowledge about education, to the post of Chancellor of New York City schools. Bloomberg expressed his complete confidence in a person who has never taught children, worked in schools and sends her own children to private schools. 95 days later he decided to fire poor Cathie who has displayed ignorance, arrogance and no ability to communicate with either parents or teachers. So, who does the mayor select as the next occupant of the Chancellor’s position? His Assistant Deputy Mayor, Dennis Walcott.

Naturally, in an era of business led cities and business led schools the last person to contact in making a selection for a head of schools would be a teacher group. Once again, the mayor refused to involve teachers in the decision as to who leads the public schools. To “involve,” does not mean, “to decide.” Teachers are frozen out of decision making even to the extent of offering their advice. The arrogance of Bloomberg is all too evident.

We await his explanation as to why he appointed Cathie Black and why she was fired.