Goodbye Crimea, Hello Russia

There are times in life when the bad guys win and the good guys don’t. The current situation in the Ukraine is an occasion when those seeking to obtain a democratic society will not achieve their goal. Russia is taking over the Crimea and no one is going to halt this adventure in terrorism. Heck, the Russian people are jumping for joy that their government used force to invade another country and take it over. Of course, as I recall, the American people were all for the invasion of Iraq –in the name of democracy and in the name of–Saddam Hussein with his weapons of mass destruction was ready to blow up the United States of America since he had guided missiles that went a few hundred miles. Americans jumped for joy when US tanks and troops entered Baghdad. OK, George Bush never bared his chest to prove that he was a man nor did he kill any animals to prove his heroism in battle, but he did chop wood.

Republicans shout and scream defiance from the security of Fox News studios, but I do not see many of them volunteering to man the first plane to bomb the Crimea. The very same people who cheered the invasion of a neutral country in 2003 named Iraq, now decry the invasion of a neutral country by Russia. The only defiance Republican congressmen will support is some sort of violent act by President Obama which would shortly result in an impeachment procedure initiated by Republicans!