Goodbye Gbagbo-Just Go!

Laurent Gbagbo has led the nation of Ivory Coast for ten years which in his view meant if he led for ten years, why not another ten years of his benevolent rule? Unfortunately, he had to hold an election and lost. Well, in Gabagbo’s view losing an election simply meant kill the opposition leader who defeated him and that would result in maintaining power. However, the Economic Community of West African States decided enough was enough. It was time for African nations to stand up for democracy and end the continental attitude that once elected meant one remained in power for life. Laurent sent his “security forces” around town killing and torturing people, but the United Nations dispatched forces to restore order. Hopefully, Mr. Gbagbo will realize it was time to bag up his stuff and hit the road and go.

African leaders must assume responsibility for peace and democracy in order to avoid thugs like Gbagbo or Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe to raise the cry of “colonialism” in order to play to the mob of anger and hate. African must monitor democracy, by itself!