Goodbye Hate

The English Defense League(EDL)opposes entry into the fair land of England of anyone who is not white or Christian or against dark skin folk. Therefore it was shocking to learn that Tommy Robinson and Kevin Carroll, who head the organization are resigning as leaders because the party has been taken over by haters. The League, allegedly was formed, to block the entry of Muslim extremists into England. However, according to Robinson and Carroll, the real danger is with the EDL because, “the dangers of far right extremism and the ongoing need to counter Islamist ideology not with violence but with better, democratic ideas.” They discovered that membership in the EDL increasingly included those seeking violence against Muslims. There simply are too many far right goons whose idea of democracy is bashing in the heads of Muslims.

We wonder if Robinson and Carroll might migrate to the US and join the Tea Party. Perhaps, they can transform that group of crazies into people who seek peace and harmony in this nation. Oh, Ted Cruz, there is now an opening for the perfect organization for a nut like you!