Goodbye Hosni, Hello Muslim Brotherhood

Once upon a time not so long ago, thousands of brave young Egyptians went into the streets and demanded an end to the Mubarak regime as well as an end to totalitarian style government. These protesters were beaten, women forced to undress, many jailed and many fled for their lives. They did the risking, but it is now clear most peasant Egyptians have no interest in supporting those who gave them democracy. They prefer hardline Muslims groups like the Muslim Brotherhood and the ultra-Orthodox Al Nour party which seeks to impose Sharia law on a nation in which 10% of the people are Christian.

Reality is protesters never grasped how peasant minds work. Egyptian peasants are not interested in democracy. They are interested in food and social services. While secular groups were getting beat up, the Muslim Brotherhood was offering poor people food and clothing. Guess who got the votes of poor folk?

The remaining question is whether protesting groups next year will be demanding an end to the Muslim Brotherhood. We doubt it.