Goodbye In Thailand To Insurgents!

As one gazes around the world there appears to be some variation on Muslim insurgents demanding rights in just about every nation containing a large Islamic population. In 2004, ethnic Malayan Muslims living in southern provinces of Thailand initiated a guerrilla war that has lasted nearly a decade. At least 5,000 are dead and thousands are wounded. The insurgents demand local autonomy rather than formation of a separate Muslim state.

The Thai army decided attempting new tactics instead of firing weapons. They reached out to leaders of the Muslim insurgents and convinced them it was time to go home and spend time with their families rather then spend time killing. At least 93 insurgents accepted the offer and dozens more apparently will also agree to peace.

The Thai government asked opposition leader Abhisit Vejjajiva to attend forums where issues will be discussed in hope of finding solutions that respect the desires of Thai Muslims as well as the nation. Better to jaw, jaw than to war, war!