Goodbye Iraq, Hello Iraq?

The last American soldiers are leaving the free democratic nation of Iraq after eight long years of fighting. In theory, they depart from a nation which finally has got rid of its dictator and can enjoy the blessings of democracy. A day after US troops left, Baghdad was rocked with explosions that left 67 people dead and dozens wounded. But,  the bigger explosion  came, not from terrorists, but the government of Iraq. Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, waited until Americans were gone to announce that Iraq’s Vice Prime ministe Tariq al-Hashemi was a traitor who tried to kill him.

Mr. Hashemi is a Sunni, not a Shiite as is Maliki. Other Sunni ministers are being charged with treason. Strange, only Sunni ministers betray the country. Hashemi took refuge in Kurdistan and Maliki is now threatening that area. He warned if they do not turn over Hashemi, it will lead to “problems.” I assume the “problems” will not entail use of American troops.

Sorry people of Iraq, YOU have a “PROBLEM!” And, it sure is not the United States!