Goodbye Karzai, Hello Disaster

It now appears certain that American and NATO forces will depart the hills and mountains and plains of Afghanistan by the end of the year. President Karzai has now made clear that he will not sign the Bilateral Security Agreement(BSA) most probably upon the assumption that no American president will depart from his land and leave its defense in the hands of the Afghan army. He is engaged in a defiant bluff daring President Obama do depart without a BSA. One of his spokespeople commented that the president does not “believe there is a zero option.”

In other words, Karzai has been repeatedly threatened and warned by presidents Bush and Obama that if he did not do X, then Americans would leave. He called their bluffs and always came out ahead. But, in any game of poker, there comes a day when another player calls the bluff and you wind up with zero in your pocket.