Goodbye Syria, Hello Jordan, Turkey, etc…

The saga of Syria continues to provide evidence of divided loyalties and anger among those who either are the victims or the  perpetrators of crime. A Colonel in the Syrian air force flew his jet to Jordan, left the plane, got on the ground and thanked Allah for allowing him to leave the land of murder and pillage. A few months ago two Syrian Generals departed for Turkey. These departures do not mean there is evidence of mass defections. Frankly, the Syrian top level military and its air force are heavily manned by pro Assad men.

A basic problem is that top level leaders in Syria are from the Alawite minority or the Christian minority or those who make lots of money by supporting Assad. Loyal Asssad folk fear the triumph of Sunni Muslims, just gaze over to Iraq where 400,000 of the 800,000 Iraqi Christians have fled persecution by Shiite Muslims. Iraq has frightened those who are not part of the Sunni  majority.

We fear in Syria there is simply another example of the Bush legacy of confusion, fear and hate that emerged from the failed American invasion of Iraq.