Goodbye Uganda And Kenya

The tragedy of Africa is,not only the colonial experience under European powers, but the aftermath of being colonized by its own leaders whose only concern is with retention of power for themselves and their associates. Thanks to the benefit of Western Christianity, a high percent of Africans are infused with hate toward those who fall into the category of being homosexuals. New laws in Uganda, Kenya and Nigeria make homosexuality a crime that is punishable not only with fines or prison, but even with death. President Obama, along with numerous European leaders, urged African heads of government to take a stand that protects the rights of gays and lesbians, Unfortunately, the words of Western Christian leaders is more attractive. They have educated people to hate homosexuals.

Sweden presently contributes over $40 million in economic aid to Uganda, but that money will no longer be delivered due to the new anti-homosexual laws. Along with Norway, Denmark and the Netherlands there is now a movement to halt any economic assistance to an African nation that has made homosexual love to be a crime. Unfortunately, the poor and women who need birth control assistance and children in school will be deprived of economic assistance in order to whip or beat or jail or kill those who are gay or lesbian. Such is the way of Christianity in Africa!!