Goodbye War, Hello Pain

There have been two wars in the Middle East over the past decade but for the majority of Americans they do not have the faintest idea as to the location  of those conflicts anymore than they understand the nature of fighting. Unlike WWII, newspapers do not report the wars, the media does not provide maps or stories about those fighting the wars which leaves the average American in a pleasant state of ignorance. Oh, the wars have something to do with “terrorists” but few even know the name, Taliban, or what these strange creatures do to American soldiers. The average American lives in a pleasant state of ignorant bliss.

A new report authored by George Rutherford for the Defense Department reveals that about half of the 2.2 million who served in these conflicts arrives  home in pain and confusion. This results in high unemployment rates and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. It is difficult having a positive state of mind when no one gives a damn, let alone gives you a good job, for the two or  three or four deployments made to the Middle East. Many of your friends died, and you are dying inside, but the pain lingers and the public goes on with their lives.