“Good”Guy Rebels Kill Women

There is a civil war raging in the Ivory Coast because President Gbagbo, a former college professor, just doesn’t like the idea of giving up power and returning to the world of academia. The UN and African Union supports troops loyal to Alassane Quattara who won the least presidential election and have supported his efforts to secure the presidency. His troops have gained control of most of the nation and now are in the streets of the capital city, but new reports indicate the “good guys” are raping and pillaging innocent women. As one told a reporter, “I can’t go home, the rebels have guns. I don’t have a gun. They kill people and rape women. They can kill children and then take the small children to go and fight.” There are reports of over 800 deaths in one city overrun by rebel troops.

Former Professor Gbagbo undoubtedly taught his students about morality and power. But, apparently, he could not pass his own exams because his refusal to peacefully surrender power has resulted in these massacres of the innocent. Hopefully, when the “good guys” gain power they will cease acting like “good guys” and begin behaving like decent humans.