Goodluck Is Badluck For Nigeria

There is no longer any doubt that President Goodluck Jonathan of Nigeria has won the Nobel prize, hands down, as the most incompetent, stupid and silly person to ever become head of a nation. There is something in Nigeria called “an army,” but what they do other than beat up people protesting the abduction of their children remains among the great mysteries of modern times. Boko Haram, the idiot group of Muslim terrorists abducted 300 young female students and carried them off into the forests. Hundreds of mothers and fathers have been protesting at lack of progress in finding the girls and rescuing them. Mrs. Jonathan Goodluck is furious that anyone would dare to protest against her husband. She ordered that two of the protest leaders be jailed, and insists that NO girls were abducted, and that those protesting the loss of their daughters are simply agents of Boko Haram!!!

Who is this nut case? The bumbling, stumbling Nigerian “army” can’t even find the forest where the girls are being held! Some men with bows and arrows actually went into the forest seeking the girls. Nigeria remains the most corrupt nation in the world led by the most incompetent fool ever to hold public office? As for his idiot wife….