GOP For Working People!

Leading Republicans gathered over the weekend in New Hampshire at something termed a, Freedom Summit, in order to share with the people of America their vision for this nation. It may come as a surprise to some, but Republicans are the party of those who work for a living, Republicans oppose the wealthy of Wall Street and stand for the middle class. According to Senator Rand Paul, it is impossible for the Republican party to become “the party of fat cats and Wall Street.” He informed all Americans that his party stood for the rights of those unemployed, those without health care, and for the “middle class.” I gather other Republican candidates shook their heads in agreement that the poor and unemployed are the center of their efforts to return America to prosperity.

At this moment in history, the United States has witnessed a continued drop in size of the middle class. In 1953, in Life magazine, the leading Republican magazine in America, there appeared an article by Frederick Lewis Allen which boasted that under the new Eisenhower administration the goal of the Republican party was to reduce the figure of having the top 5% of wealthy people control the nation’s wealth from the current 27% and get it down to 17%. THAT was the Republican goal!

Today the top 5% control 43% of our entire wealth. A thousand families have more wealth than 100,000,000 Americans. I have a hunch the Koch brothers are laughing tonight at this silly speech. After all, they control the Republican party!