GOP Senators Seek Iraq War End As Bush Leaves

A group of Republican senators, several of whom are facing tough re-election campaigns next year, are proposing legislation which would end American combat operations and shift US responsibilities in Iraq to training a new Iraqi army. The shift would occur fifteen months from now to coincide with the departure of Bush from the presidency. Senator Voinovich is introducing the legislation together with Senators Alexander, Coleman and Dole who face serious fights to gain re-election to the Senate. Democrats have basically described the proposal as a nonstarter.

A tragedy of the Republican party is the failure to serve the best interests of the American people instead of the best interests of George Bush and his election campaigns. Now, those who refused to stand up for the nation may have to stand down as senators.

  • God’s Lil Princess

    Oh yes they absolutely will and they are gone anyway, On November the 8th the American People both Republican and Democrates alike made a Grand Stand for justice by electing to fill the house with Democrates to make a change and stand up for the American People. THEY Have Not! Many voters have since changed there party to No Party Affilliated, Including myself and it is the fad these days in America. May Peace, Love, Honor & Goodwill toward Men be in US all. xxxooo