GOP Tries To Halt Gitmo Prisoner Transfer

There is no question that Republican members of Congress stand in the fore in the fight to protect America against violence in jails. Currently, as any American knows, our jails are institutions of peace in which any prisoner would feel safe and secure in his spacious cell. Congressional Republicans failed to pass legislation that would allow transfer of FOREIGN TERRORISTS to the quiet and peaceful jails of America. Just imagine, allowing al-Qaeda terrorists into jails that presently house innocent men like members of the Aryan Brotherhood or drug gangs. Frankly, if Republicans won and Guantanamo prisoners were not allowed to be transfered the only winners would be Guantanamo prisoners. Just imagine sending Muslims into jails filled with angry Catholic Mexican prisoners or the infamous Aryan Brotherhood. Who do you think would be at risk — the Muslim terrorists or the other prisoners?

This is among the silliest arguments in America. A Muslim “terrorist” in an American jail is at risk, not the American prisoners.