Gorbachev Blasts US Missile Plans

Former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev criticized Bush plans to deploy a missile defense system in Eastern Europe, claiming it threatens international security. He commented, “Moreover, it is being done somehow insinuatingly, without discussion. Apparently, it’s an attempt to use the superpower status to scare and pressure everyone to the left and to the right. I think it’s mischief of the political elite, first of all of the political elite of the United States.”

It is remarkable how the American media has basically ignored this blatant attempt to create fear and anxiety among the Russian people. The only rationale advanced is to use the defense system against potential terrorist rockets being fired from unknown places. Obviously, it is a direct challenge to Iran. Iranophobia has grabbed control of the Bush administration and is slowly filtering down to the American population. Any firing of Iranian missiles would result in a massive American – and probably Israel – retaliation. Bush and other fear mongers are trying to persuade America there is an imminent threat. All such talk does is strengthen the forces of conservatism in Iran rather than attempting to reduce tension, which can only result in strengthening the forces of moderation. Bush only thrives politically when fear grips America.
Information from Kyiv Post