Gorbachev Pukes On Putin!

Mikhail Gorbachev. the man who deserves credit for toppling Communism in the Soviet Union, blasted the administration of Prime Minister Vladmir Putin in no uncertain terms. “We have everything– a parliament, courts, a prime minister and so on. But it is more of an imitation. He went on to describe Putin’s party, United Russia, as reminding him “of the worst copy of the Communist party. We have institutions but they don’t work. We have laws but they must be enforced.” Gorbachev accuses the current government of Russia as being a monopoly of power in which Putin and his cronies control all aspects of the political process. “The monopoly ends in rotting and hampers the development of democratic processes.” He went on to express disapproval of President Medvedev and Prime Minister Putin because “it’s a shame that our modern leaders aren’t very modern.” Gorbachev will be receiving a scolding from Prime Minister Putin because the described the so-called trial of former Yukos leader, Mikhail Khodorkovsky as politically motivated.

In a sense, the Khodorkovsky trial is symbolic of what happens in a society when its leaders use law to make criminal those who oppose them. Gorbachev is a voice of reason and a voice of hope that someday Russia will enjoy the benefits of democracy. It is ironic that the man who toppled Soviet communism lives in a society run by a former member of the KGB!